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Town Center Momentum Continues

In addition to working through the Site Plan review and approval process with the County for mixed use Buildings 6 and 10, we have submitted a Proffer Condition Amendment (PCA) request to enable the development of mixed use Building 7. This amendment would be consistent with the phasing adjustments approved by the County on January 25, 2022 in the PCA application filed by the owners of the adjacent property containing Buildings 14-18.

As shown by the Site Plan submission for Buildings 6 and 10 and shared with the community in a public meeting hosted by the County in September 2021, we are proceeding with development plans to deliver on the mixed-use vision of the Urban Core Area. The mixed-use residential buildings with ground floor retail are consistent with the plan originally envisioned. We are excited to deliver neighborhood-serving retail, building out open space amenities and removing obstacles to development progress. The single issue PCA addresses those goals by accelerating the delivery of the town center vision.

The PCA does not change the requirement for office, alter the retail requirements or change the open space plans. It simply enables the build out of the town center area with its retail and permanent open space to happen faster (but consistent with the uses, density and other proffer requirements).

Please stay tuned for updates on the PCA process via our website and the County’s publicly available information.

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