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The Courthouse West team is thrilled to report that the Arlington County-led General Land Use Plan (GLUP) study process formally kicked off with the posting of the study Scoping Document earlier this fall. The community now has the opportunity to participate in the process through a virtual public engagement session lasting through January 9th – please review the additional information below and be sure to respond via the official County Online Feedback Form. We hope you participate and let your ideas inform this exciting process.

If you have questions about the County-led Special GLUP Study process, please contact Tim Murphy via email at

For additional information on the Courthouse West Project, please contact the project team or ask a question on this engagement platform.

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Special GLUP Study Materials and Survey Link

Arlington County Planning Staff GLUP Study materials:

County Feedback Survey - comments by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, January 9, 2022:

Note from the Project Team

Special “Thanks” to Arlington County Planning staff members who have done an excellent job reviewing and analyzing the existing planning documents and guiding principles related to the Courthouse West site. Using this information, in conjunction with more recent feedback and input from the community and County’s Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC), County Staff has provided 3 exciting conceptual massing scenarios for the project which can be found in their County Engagement Session Presentation. Staff’s concepts range in height from 6 stories to 17 stories and generally taper higher from West to East and South to North. We understand that the most desirable outcome may be a massing that is taller, shorter, or in between what has been shown and we hope you will communicate your thoughts on this platform and via the County Online Feedback Form.

As background, The Courthouse West Project team’s official GLUP Study Application, first submitted in May 2019, features a conceptual massing with a maximum height of 14 stories that we believe also achieves a similar balanced tapering across the site. We’ve posted the original GLUP Study Application and some additional Supplemental Information in the "Document Library" found in the right margin, with the goal of providing contextual views which consider the potential future build out of the neighboring blocks alongside our original massing.

About the Courthouse West GLUP Study

The Courthouse West Special General Land Use Plan (GLUP) Study is an Arlington County-Led process that seeks to evaluate which GLUP designation or designations are most appropriate for this study area. This process may result in a change to the GLUP which enables the redevelopment of the largely surface parking lots into a mixed-use project. Specific details of any future project including the building layout, public benefits, infrastructure improvements, and many other site specific features will be further defined in the site plan review process following the completion of the GLUP Study.

The GLUP Study process will be conducted through the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) of the Planning Commission. Throughout the process there will be multiple opportunities for community input. Learn more at the County’s study website.

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