How will residential refuse pick-up be completed while Wythe Street is closed?

    Off-site construction for the development will involve constructing a new sanitary sewer line along Wythe Street. Due to the sewer's construction path encompassing a portion of both Wythe Street lanes, as well as a required depth of over 20 feet in areas, Wythe Street will need to remain closed to conduct efficient construction.

    Coordinating with the City of Alexandria T&ES Department, refuse collection for the residential properties adjacent to Wythe Street between N. Payne Street and N. West Street will occur utilizing the two public alley access points located on Pendleton Street. Residents in this area will not be required to alter existing designated refuse collection pick-up locations. 

    How will CRC handle any rodent issues that arise during the demolition phase of construction?

    In accordance with Sec. 11-6-5 of the City of Alexandria Rodent Abatement Program, we will fully comply and administer necessary measures in order to eradicate any evidence of rodent infestation and continuously maintain such measures until the property is deemed rodent-free by a City of Alexandria code official. Such rodent abatement will be required during the demolition of the existing homes on the future development site, but will not be required or administered during the off-site utility work commencing in September 2022.  

    What measures are being taken to ensure flooding issues are not exacerbated during construction?

    We are working with the City of Alexandria T&ES Department to ensure proper sediment control measures are being achieved and current flooding concerns are not exacerbated. Due to the minimal amount of settlement controls needed for the work, storm drain blockage systems will most likely not be required. If required for temporary control of the site, T&ES will provide information regarding when and where they would like to install sediment control measures. Any items installed will be maintained and checked on a regular basis to ensure they are functioning as intended. 

    How will the local DASH stops be affected during construction?

    We have been in close communication with WMATA DASH in order to develop a plan that will accommodate public transportation during the off-site construction period. Ultimately, WMATA will be responsible for devising and implementing a transportation plan, but we will continue to provide WMATA with any pertinent construction updates as the project progresses.  

    What is the plan regarding providing pedestrian accessibility?

    Pedestrian safety is of utmost importance to us as we begin construction. After multiple conversations with the City of Alexandria, we have devised a pedestrian accessibility plan that conforms to the City's Vision Zero initiative and keeps most sidewalks operational during off-site construction. With a majority of construction occurring in the streets surrounding the project site, most sidewalks will be unaffected and safe for pedestrian use. In situations that requires the sidewalk to be closed, we will construct a temporary pedestrian barricade and associated channeling device that will provide safe travel. Residents will be notified in advance of any sidewalk closures. 

    What changes will occur to the surrounding street signage?

    Future plans of the Braddock West development include updated and increased signage to the streets surrounding the site. These changes will include restriping surrounding streets and increasing the number of pedestrian cross-walks and corresponding signage.